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CIM Countdown – 14 days

While driving to my 10 mile run with SacFIT this morning, I looked up on my way down Fair Oaks Blvd. and saw those famous California International Marathon banners on the light poles. Then I started thinking… how many days is it until my next marathon? And then I realized that yes, the marathon is in two weeks.  That’s 14 days until I run another 26.2 miles!  Yikes!

I arrived at my run and the weather was perfect. The sun was coming up (check out this photo!), it was brisk but perfect weather.  I met up with my running friends and got ready to head out.

My run this morning was great. An easy 10 miles along the American River Bike Trail with all my SacFIT running friends. It rained a bit but it was a nice relaxing run, actually one of my best for the entire season.  I felt light on my feet, excited and wasn’t tired afterwards. I’m really excited that the marathon is only 14 days away.  I’m stoked to run with my friends who haven’t in a while and my other friends who have never run a marathon before.  :)

I’ve been trying to eat well and hydrate a lot along with sleeping as much as I can.  It’s hard for me to do what I should when I’m getting ready for a race because I get so busy, but for this one I’m really trying.

I’ll also be working the SF Marathon booth at the CIM expo as part of my Ambassador role for the race. I’m SO excited to tell people about this awesome race and give them advice on the CIM as well. If you are going to be at the CIM, be sure to come by the booth between 9 and 5 on Saturday!  I’ll be there!  :)

Wow… only 14 days til the next one. Number 8. Bring it. :)

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